Introducing Havanote for businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about how Havanote can grow your business. 


(this feature is currently only available on the IOS version. Android is coming soon)

Advertise in your local area

Havanote lets you create a geofence in your designated area and start ad campaigns in that geofence. You can choose when and where your ads will appear and to whom.  

Amplify your community presence

You can take advantage of Havanote’s growing community, get more involved and boost your reach and visibility. Drop notes about your business in our public channels to gauge the interest of your audience.


Showcase your business and get discovered

Leverage Havanote to market your products and services, engage and interact with people in your community. Convey your personality - go casual, professional, quirky, depending on your business.

Drop real time promotional offers to your customers!

Send real-time notes, exclusive offers and deals to Havanote users when they are in the vicinity, to drive foot traffic and delight your customers. 


These services that can cost thousands of dollars on other social media platforms are available for free for three months as an introductory offer! So go get started on creating a winner Havanote marketing strategy for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a business account?

Register as a regular user. After sign up, go to your profile, access the profile menu (the 3 dots on the top right) and select 'Edit Profile'. You can scroll down to select the 'Verify as a Business Account' link. Fill in the details requested. Once your information is verified, your request will be approved. You will receive an email confirming the upgrade once the verification process is complete. This may take up to 3-5 business days.

What is the difference between a regular account and a business account?

A business account can do everything that a regular account can do, except for the following  key differences.

  • Notes created by business users have a maximum duration of 1 week. After 1 week, the note disappears from view, but is still visible on your profile (only to the business user)
  • You can geofence the note, which means that if you enable the feature while dropping a note, your followers will get notified when are in the defined radius of the note location (max 1 mile radius)
  • Business users can set up a 'Brand note' which does not expire. This note is set up through the Edit Profile screen.

What is a 'Brand Note'?

Think of the Brand note as your listing. It does not expire. Ideally it should be used to communicate information that does not change much. Like promoting your brand, store front images etc. Brand notes can contain upto 5 pics or 1 video (60 secs), like any other note. However, the location tagged in the Brand note is that of your business address. This cannot be changed.

Can i downgrade to a regular account from a business account?

No. Once you have upgraded to a business account, it cannot be reversed. We strongly advise that you be sure that you want to upgrade before doing so. The only option is to delete the business account and re-register with the same handle (if it is available)> however please note that all your content will be deleted when you delete the account.

Do all my followers get notified with the GeoFence option?

Only followers who have their Location services turned on and have enabled notifications will get notified

What reports can I access about my account and followers?

We are still working on the types of reports and stats. Please stay tuned. Once this is available, we will intimate you via email.

Contact us

If you are a travel enthusiast, travel blogger or any other type of experience content creator, please reach out to us. We are looking for suggestions and feedback and also grant early access to new versions of the app before it is released to the public


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